About Us

Who We Are

Our Story

  • Package

    First order booked in 2016

  • Road Transport

    Added a cargo freight option

  • Countrywid Courier Network

    Partnered with Standard group

  • International Relocations

    Launched global relocations

  • Profectus Capital

    Partnered with key investor

  • Trucks

    Instant booking of FTL and LTL

  • Storage service

    Introduced state of the art warehousing service

Our Core Values

  • Collaborative

    We believe in the power of team spirit and shared knowledge

  • Bold

    We are courageous enough to dare our team to take on new challenges.

  • Progressive

    We are in a fast-paced environment, constantly improving our processes.

  • Innovative

    We are a company that always comes out with new ways of doing things the smart way.

The Order Process

Understanding the process

  • Step 1

    Select Route

  • Step 2

    Select service

  • Step 3

    Get your price

  • Step 4

    Confirm your order

  • Step 5

    Pickup and Delivery

Work With Us

Partner with us to make sure your vehicle never travels empty. Drive with the comfort of knowing your round-trip will be profitable.

Become a Logistics Partner

We are passionate about

  • Simplified logistics

    Constantly implementing new features to make shipping easier while ensuring the website runs smoothly.

  • Building a strong brand

    Creating and promoting unique content that creatively conveys the brand message.

  • Creating the best user experience

    Designing features and analysing user interaction to make sure navigating is seamless.

  • Finding the best solutions for your consignment

    Individually treating each request to make sure all needs, budget and time restrictions are met.

  • Taking care of our customers

    Providing dedicated assistance on every step of the delivery process so each client feels unique.

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In Numbers

Our work and company in Numbers

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    Deliveries made

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    Customer satisfaction

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    Cities Operating in

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    Partner Trucks and Vans